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If you're a student looking to improve your Spanish pronunciation, here's the place to start.

If you're an instructor who wishes to include pronunciation as a component of the class, there is online material plus things you can use in class.

  • Below are links to presentation and practice of all the vital areas of Spanish pronunciation.
  • The topics are listed in a suggested order, but your own needs will determine where you might go first.
  • For each topic, there is a presentation describing the challenges the topic poses to students of Spanish as a second language. Samples are provided.
  • Following each presentation you are be invited to click on a sound file in which a native speaker reads words and sentences that contain examples of the topic at hand. Pauses are provided for you to repeat after the speaker. More about our native speakers here.
  • Material for instructors can be found at the bottom of this page.


For Students: Pronunciation Topics
  1. Alphabet and Spelling
  2. Single Vowels
  3. Vowel Combinations
  4. Stress
  5. p, t, k
  6. d, "hard" g, b/v Sounds
  7. r, rr
  8. ch
  1. jota Sound; h
  2. ñ
  3. l
  4. ll, y
  5. x
  6. s, z, ce/ci*
  7. Linkage
  NOTE: The sound files are embedded in each presentation page; to download them to your computer, click here.  
  *For this topic, both Latin American and Iberian (Castilian) recorded samples are provided.  
Instructor Materials

Below are links to transparency masters for each pronunciation topic included above, designed for class presentation and drill, plus an assignment sheet, for instructors who wish to include a pronunciation assignment based on the lessons.

All materials are provided in Microsoft Word, for those who wish to edit, and PDF, for those who do not.

1. Transparency Masters
  1. Alphabet and spelling Word PDF 9. jota Sound; h Word PDF  
  2. Single Vowels Word PDF 10. ñ Word PDF  
  3. Vowel Combinations Word PDF 11. l Word PDF  
  4. Stress Word PDF 12. ll, y Word PDF  
  5. p, t, k Word PDF 13. x Word PDF  
  6. d, "hard" g, b/v Sounds Word PDF 14. s, z, ce/ci Word PDF  
  7. r, rr Word PDF 15. Linkage Word PDF  
8. ch Word PDF          
2. Recording Assignment Sheet

At some point you may wish to have your students make a recording, for credit or evaluation.

Here are MSWord and PDF forms of a script that includes all the components above, and spaces for grading each component, on a 100-point scale.

  Recording Assignment Script Word PDF