Presentation and Practice: The Spanish Alphabet and Spelling

About the Spanish Alphabet
The Spanish alphabet consists of 30 symbols; three of them are pairs of letters acting as one sound.

Study the names of the symbols of the alphabet below.

The Spanish Alphabet: Symbols and Their Names
  Symbol Name Symbol Name  
  a a n ene  
  b be larga / be grande ñ eñe  
  c ce o o  
  ch che p pe  
  de de q cu  
  e e r ere  
  f efe rr erre  
  g ge s ese  
  h hache t te  
  i i (latina) u u  
  j jota v ve chica / uve  
  k ka w doble ve / ve doble  
  l ele x equis  
  ll elle y i griega  
  m eme z zeta  


Click the ► symbol. Following along with the script below, repeat after the speaker. (All scripts are read left →right.)
  a b c ch d e f g h i  
  j k l ll m n ñ o p q  
  r rr s t u v w x y z  
  Juana Dueñas López j-u-a-n-a   d-u-e-ñ-a-s   l-o-p-e-z  
  Eugene Smith e-u-g-e-n-e   s-m-i-t-h