Conjugation Review / Overview: Preterite

¡Bienvenido/a! The following series of quizzes will take you through preterite conjugations of all verb types. You will type the forms yourself and get instant feedback. The quizzes appear in order of importance--ie from the most frequently used verbs and patterns to the least.
  • For all quizzes, the steps are these:
    • Type in the indicated present indicative forms in the blanks. For á, é, ñ, etc., click on menu at bottom of screen. Always scroll down far enough to see the menu.
    • Use provided links as needed.
    • Say the forms out loud to help you remember them.
    • Use the Hint button when necessary.
    • Click Check to confirm answers.
    • If you wish to repeat any exercise, just click Refresh/Reload.
    • Click Next Exercise to continue.
Scroll down to see and do the first quiz. ¡Suerte!
Preterite, Regular -ar Verb: trabajar
yo: nosotros:
tú: vosotros
él/ella/usted: ellos/ellas/ustedes: