The sele Construction
  The reflexive pronoun se is combined with a following indirect object pronoun to form a structure that describes unexpected or accidental events. (A good understanding of indirect object pronouns and of the gustar structure will be very helpful in understanding this structure.)  
  Se me
olvidó la llave*.
olvidaron las llaves**.
    I you, he, she, we, they, forgot the key* / the keys*.
  • As with the gustar structure, a redundant phrase headed by the preposition a can be added to lend clarity or emphasis or to provide additional information:
    • A ti se te asigna trabajo muy difícil, pero a Juana no.
      • Very difficult work is assigned to you, but not to Juana.
    • A mi hermano se le rompió el brazo.
      • My brother broke his arm (his arm got broken).
    • A nuestros colegas se les ocurrieron unas ideas muy originales.
      • Some very original ideas occurred to our colleagues.