Personal Pronouns: Forms and Functions

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  • Function of the direct object :
    • The direct object refers to the person(s), idea(s), thing(s), etc. that directly receive the action of the verb--EG, are seen, heard, eaten, understood, etc.
    • The pronouns are unstressed (not emphasized in speech).
    • Placement: right before or attached to end of a verb form (see placement rules).
    Singular Plural  
  1st person me nos  
  2nd person te os  
  3rd person lo1,2, la los1,2, las  
  1. 3rd person pronouns match gender of referent noun
  2. Some speakers use le, les for masculine human direct objects
  • Examples
    • Veo a Pablo, pero no lo veo frecuentemente.
    • Como muchas manzanas. Las compro en el mercado.
    • ¿Me entiendes? Yo te entiendo muy bien.