The Spanish Alphabet

  • The Spanish alphabet has 30 symbols; three are pairs of letters acting as one sound.
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Symbol Spanish Name Pronunciation; Examples
a a as in father
b be larga; be grande beber
c ce s/th/k
ch che as one sound (chico)
d de dedo
e e as in bet
f efe fotografía
g ge [heh] gigante
h hache honor; prohibir
i i (latina) civil
j jota Juan
k ka kilo (used in foreign words)
l ele Lalo
ll elle ella
m eme momento
n ene nota
ñ eñe año
o o como
p pe Pepe
q cu que; quince
r ere like Am. Eng. t (water); cara
rr erre perro
s ese sesos
t te total
u u Uruguay
v ve chica; uve vivir
w ve doble, doble ve Washington (used in foreign words)
x equis ks/s
y i griega Yucatán; hoyo
z zeta s/th